Bangor, Maine parking map
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Monthly Parking

The Garage

at Pickering Square
Monday — Friday | 6:00am — 9:00pm
Saturday | 8:00am — 6:00pm
Closed Sundays and holidays
Main Garage floors 1-5♠♥$57
Downtown residents♠♥$40
Covered Lower Level$59

Permit Lots

2a Hammond St Covered Lower Level$77
2b Hammond St Upper Level$65
3 Abbott Square♠♥$63
4 Haynes Court$52
5 Hancock Square$55
6 French Street$52
7 Kenduskeag Plaza East$55
8 Kenduskeag Plaza West$49
9 New Court System Lot
(Opening in 2010)
10 High Street Lot$52
11 Court Street Lot$30
12 Bangor House Lot$57

♠ Lots with overnight parking
♥ Gated lots with electronic card access
   $5 one-time card set-up fee
♦ Lots with discounted motorcycle parking